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What we do:



Not only do we specialise in Gib fixing, Gib stopping and Painting we also offer a wide range services including:

•  Are specialists in new interiors
•  Interior painting – repaints and restoration
•  Roof painting
•  Exterior restoration
•  Commercial repaints
•  Residential repaints
•  Interior repainting
•  Wallpapering
•  Exterior, residential and commercial
•  Difficult access jobs


Brief History:


Our core business for over 20 years has been painting  but with many of our customers also requiring gibstopping, gibfixing and even minor building repairs we offer the complete package.

We have vast experience in all types of coatings application, from painting Granny’s front fence to multi storey commercial buildings to hazardous storage warehousing – no job is too big or too small plus we can offer the right advice on coating types and styles right through to how to access the difficult or hard to paint areas of your job.


Areas serviced:


FSP Auckland –  South Auckland and Pukekohe to Omaha and Warkworth.